Randomised Study of Interferon-free Treatment for Recently Acquired Hepatitis C in PWID and People With HIV Coinfection (REACT)


Study description

The aim of the study is to determine if treatment for recently acquired hepatitis C infection (with or without HIV coinfection) can be shortened when treating with the interferon-free therapy sofosbuvir/velpatasvir (SOF/VEL). SOF/VEL is a new treatment for hepatitis C called direct acting antiviral which targets the hepatitis C virus replication cycle and has been shown in phase II studies in chronic HCV to be highly effective (SVR12 >95%) when given for 12 weeks. Data has shown that treatment can be shortened when treating recently acquired HCV with interferon containing treatments. It is not known whether treatment with SOF/VEL can be shortened. This study aims to find out if treatment for 6 weeks with open-label SOF/VEL is equivalent to treatment for 12 weeks with SOF/VEL in participants with recently acquired hepatitis C infection. The project is a randomised study where both participants and investigators would not find out the treatment duration of the participants until week 6 of treatment.


Hepatitis C Virus HCV

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Clinical trial



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Industry funded study


Dr. med. Alberto MORIGGIA


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