The centre

The Epatocentro is the reference point in Italian-speaking Switzerland for the treatment of liver, biliary and pancreatic diseases.  Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Andreas Cerny, an internationally renowned doctor, the centre has a highly specialised medical team active throughout the Canton and collaborates with local and transalpine centres of excellence enabling it to treat complex hepatic diseases directly in Ticino.

Our team

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2nd Swiss Autoimmune Liver Disease Meeting 2018 - Friday, 20th April 2018


Gli appuntamenti della Fondazione per il 2017

Disponibile il calendario degli incontri formativi in agenda per l'anno nuovo


Il bollettino del fegato - n.4

FEGATO GRASSO: quando preoccuparsi?

Clinical activities

The multidisciplinary and inter-professional approach, made possible thanks to collaboration with centres of excellence, results in 360° activity in which the Epatocentro takes responsibility for the patient in terms of both diagnosis and consultancy as well as clinical assistance throughout all the stages of the disease.  


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